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Artemova Dar'ya Igorevna, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of justice,
Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. Action of the procedural principles in the constitutional legal proceedings differs from other types of trial that causes a need to explore problematics of the legality principle’s place in the constitutional proceedings and also its severity, specification, implementation and dissemination in trial. The author analyzes the correlation of the legality principle and the principle of the Constitution supremacy. On the basis of the constitutional legal research the characteristics of the legality principle in the constitutional legal proceedings are given.
Materials and methods. The implementation of research tasks was reached on the basis of the analysis of legislative acts of the Russian Federation, namely the Constitution of the Russian Federation, resolutions and decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation. Also there were used scientific articles of wellknown scientists-lawyers and practitioners.
Results. The principle of legality is reflected in the subject of the constitutional legal proceedings – the constitutional control – verification and evaluation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the laws, other regulations which lose their force in case of their recognition as unconstitutional. Failure to fulfill the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation objectively creates obstacles for ensuring the supremacy and direct action of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, for the implementation of the bases of the constitutional system fixed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Conclusions. Studying of the said problem allows to determine that the principle of legality in the constitutional legal proceedings is a basis of formation of decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, being concretized in establishment of an order of production in court which is realized in strict observance of acts of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation by all state bodies, public organizations, local authorities, officials and citizens. 

Key words

Constitutional Court of Russian Federation, constitutional justice, constitutional control, judicial power, decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, principle of the Constitution supremacy. 

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